Where to Get Coupons

Published November 27, 2011 by gweledydd

One of the most common questions I get from friends and family is, “Where do you get your coupons?”.  Since Extreme Couponing has become so popular, finding coupons is becoming more difficult.  In fact, you have to be VERY careful when buying newspapers now because many people will go to a paper box and take all of the coupon inserts out of the newspapers.  Many people have made deals with newspaper carriers and recycle centers to get the inserts before others have a chance to find them.  Finding a solution to finding these coupons when you are already on a tight budget can be difficult and disheartening.  One way to help combat this is to purchase coupons online.  There are many coupon clipping sites that will find the coupons for you and you can purchase them for the price of postage.

One of the best coupon clipping sites is Coupon Dede (couponsthingsbydede.com).  This website has many popular coupons and inserts and send them to you quickly.  There are some downsides to using this website, however.  Many high dollar coupons have a maximum amount that you can purchase in a week.  If you are trying to add to your stockpile, this can be a problem.  Also, Coupon Dede requires that your order must be at least $5.00 before shipping.  If you are looking for one specific coupon, this can also be a problem.

My solution to this is to go to eBay!

I personally like focusing on one item at a time, and eBay lets me do just that.  Many users on eBay post multiples of great coupons.  I like being able to purchase multiples of the coupons I need from eBay and paying for them all at once with their new “add to cart” feature.

Another coupon clipping service that you can try is The Coupon Clippers (http://www.thecouponclippers.com).  I have not tried this website yet, but found it on my favorite blog, Couponing101.com.  It looks as if it is similar to Coupon Dede, but may offer more coupons.

If you choose to try and go out to recycle bins and dumpsters to try and find that coupon you are looking for, then more power to you!  Just remember that most states have a policy against dumpster diving.  Purchasing coupons online may add to your total, but you can still save tons of money despite this and may be able to avoid a ticket!  ^_^


P.S. – Purchasing newspapers is no longer necessary to get coupons.  If you go to http://www.sundaycouponpreview.com, you can see all of the coupons that will be in that Sunday’s paper.  You can then wait until Sunday for the coupon clippers to restock their inventory and eBayers to load up their stock to get the ones you need for that week. 


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