Organizing Your Coupons

Published November 29, 2011 by gweledydd

One of the other common things I hear when talking to friends and family about coupons is, “I always clip out the coupons, but forget to bring them to the store.  I need to get more organized”.  I have heard your trials and have helpful answers for you!  Most people start out couponing small and work their way up.  When I first started couponing, I kept my coupons in my wallet.  As I started using more, I began using regular envelopes.  This eventually progressed into a small coupon divider and has evolved into my current organizer of choice: my handy dandy COUPON BINDER!  My coupon binder uses the binder method with the hybrid method.  I clip coupons I know I will use, and the rest of the whole inserts I keep in the back in case there is a great deal a few months down the road.

All I did was take an old school binder that I had guitar tabs in and add organizers and business card holders.  I want to eventually get some trading card holders since they are bigger.  Maybe Santa will bring them this year…>.>

Anyways, there are several different methods you can use to organize your coupons.

  1. The envelope method.  With this method, you use a simple envelope of your choosing to store your coupons.  It is convenient, but if you are dealing with a large amount of coupons I do not recommend using this method.  It can be time consuming to try and sort through your coupons to find unmarked deals and you may miss out if you leave some of your coupons at home.
  2. The Binder Method.  This method is pretty self explanatory.  You use a binder to store your coupons.  You can use folders, business card holders, trading card holders, etc. to house your coupons.
  3. The Hybrid Method.  This method is similar to what I use.  You clip the coupons you know you will use and save the rest of the insert for another day.  This decreases the amount of time you spend clipping coupons, but still allows you to keep the rest of your coupons for a future deal.
  4. The File Box.  This is the method I used prior to the binder.  Your file box can be small or large.  Mine was about an inch or two wide, and was roughly the size of a 4×6 card.  This made it convenience and easy to put in my purse so I would have my coupons on me at all times.  the problem I have found with these is sometimes the dividers fall out and for visual people like me it makes it harder to remember what coupons you have.  This is another great method for organizing small amounts of coupons and for those who only take the coupons they need with them.
  5. The Scrapbook Album.  Another version of the binder method but using a scrapbook instead.
  6. The Mega Coupon Bag.  I have not tried this method, but it sounds interesting.  Similar to the file box, this bag setup allows you to take all of your coupons with you in a sophisticated, less cumbersome, and less embarrassing bag.  These are sold on etsy.  I like that it attaches to your grocery cart.  Check out the seller’s page here.
  7. The Day Planner.  Similar to the scrapbook album and binder method except using a day planner.
  8. The Couponizer.  Similar to the small checkbook-sized file box, it is lightweight and durable.  Please see more info here.
  9. The Coupon Clutch.  This is a coupon organizer that looks like a fashionable tote.  It is a binder disguised as a handbag.  I am thinking of trying this out.  It has gotten great reviews!  Check it out here.  This comes in a variety of colors and styles.  I LOVE the cow and zebra prints!  Click here for a link directly to their website!

These are only a few ideas of how you can organize your coupons to help you efficiently save money.  Do whatever works best for you, and have fun doing it!


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