CVS Trippin’ 12/3

Published December 3, 2011 by gweledydd

OK, so Mike has been wanting to get the Hangover 2 since it came out and after watching the first Hangover that’s ALL he’s been talking about and asking for for Christmas.  Well, Dad 2 gave me a 30% coupon last week, and if I did my math right, here is the scenario I am going to try later:


The Hangover 2 – $16.99
8 Glade Sprays – .99 x 8 = $7.92
4 Ziploc Bags – $4.00
Total: $28.91 + tax

– 5.00/20 CVS coupon = $23.91
– 30% off CVS coupon = $15.24
– 8.00/8 Glad coupon = $7.24
– 1.25/2 x 2 ziploc coupon = $4.24

Total: $4.24 plus tax!!!

Sometimes I may drive my husband crazy with this couponing thing, but when he can get something he wants he praises my name.  Hopefully my trip will be successful later.  I will post later with pics of the haul!

ALSO, a CVS Tip for Noobs.

One of the little known facts about CVS is one that you should begin to utilize.  On Saturdays at 4:00 PM, all of the CVS stores reset their prices.  This means that you can get the sales from the PRIOR week AS WELL AS the sales from the COMING UP week.  This helps you save time, money, and gas by getting all of your deal shopping done on one day.  I like to go to the iheartcvs website and plan my hauls for two weeks.  Then I go in on Saturdays and get BOTH WEEK’S DEALS at the SAME TIME!!!

Couponing can take up a lot of a person’s time.  That’s why remembering this tip will help you not only save money and strengthen your stockpile, but help you save time to spend time with your family and loved ones.  ❤


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