CVS Trippin’ 12/3 cont. & Kroger Trippin’ 12/3 – Final Tally

Published December 4, 2011 by gweledydd

So my scenario earlier was unfortunately inaccurate.  I didn’t realize that the cheap boxes of ziploc bags were Hefty brand, so I couldn’t use my ziploc coupons.  Also, it completely slipped my mind that the Hangover 2 doesn’t come out until Tuesday, plus the store in Bedford didn’t have the items I wanted/needed so I had to go to the Madison Heights store which will only apply the % off coupons to non-sale items (whereas Bedford automatically applies it to the whole order regardless of the coupon language).  Long story short, I still got items we needed for a relatively good price.


1 Box 45 Count Hefty Cinch Sack Trash Bags – $6.99

1 Box 80 Count Hefty Tie Flap Trash Bags – $6.99

2 Boxes of 6 Count Gallon Sized Hefty Ziploc Bags – $2.00

1 Box 8 Count Quart Sized Hefty Ziploc Bags – $1.00

One Three-Count Pack of Loofas – $1.00

8 Cans of Glade Air Freshener – $0.99

Total cost before coupons: $41.88

Total cost after coupons: $12.76

Hubby is going to get me some Hefty coupons so I can stockpile a few more.  =)

Deals at Kroger this week were pretty good as well.  I ended up getting 16 packs of disposable razors for free, as well as a ton of groceries!  My total cost after coupons was $37.67.  The cashier accidentally entered the wrong amount on one of the coupons, so the total should have been about $6.00 or $7.00 less, but it was late, he was nice, and he added an extra coupon to my order so I didn’t feel like complaining. Total savings was $125.41; a 78% savings!


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