What to Expect for 2012

Published December 23, 2011 by gweledydd

I won’t be posting much until after January first.  There will be plenty of deals, but not many new coupons until the end of the holidays.  Since prices are already so low, not many companies put out high dollar coupons.  However, there will be some changes to my blog!


Beginning in January, the new address for this blog will be vacouponqueen.com!!!  Yes, that’s right, I am making this into a full-fledged website.  As a result, you can expect more posts and more savings!!!


Sometime after the holidays are over, I will also be appearing on DYKAB: Do You Know About the Bird?.  This website is run by a family friend, Josh Dick, and he has requested that I appear on his podcast show to talk about couponing.  He discusses all kinds of things, but mostly discusses video games, tv, and other “nerdy” things.  It’s a pretty awesome little site for anyone who is one with their inner geek.  Check out his website and I will keep you updated on when the show will be up!




Happy Holidays, everyone!


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