Coupon Cycles

Published January 1, 2012 by gweledydd

If you have ever watched Extreme Couponing or are starting to see patterns in your couponing forays, that is because coupons run in cycles.  Every year you can anticipate the same type of coupons around the same time.  I have made a list of some of the highlights, but Grocery Coupon Guide has a much more detailed list that I recommend printing out to stick in your organizers.  Feel free to click on the month to be directed to their detailed article of all of the coupons and sales to expect.



January is the month when people try to be healthy.  Expect to see a lot of deals on healthy choice meals, lean cuisines, yogurt, organic products, and other healthy foods.  Since January is when it really starts to get cold in some areas, winter health is a big coupon category as well.  January is also National Oatmeal Month, so expect LOTS of oatmeal coupons.



This month expect to see coupons for canned goods since February is Canned Food month and breakfast products.  February is National Hot Breakfast Month so there will be lots of Kellogg’s, General Mills, and Quaker coupons and products on sale.  February is also American Heart Month so there will be plenty of coupons for heart-healthy products such as aspirin, supplements, and foods.  The Westminster dog show is this month so you can expect to see high dollar dog food coupons.  There will be plenty of Valentine’s Day promotions and coupons, too.



March is National Frozen Food Month and National Nutrition Month so expect great deals on frozen vegetables, fruits, and meals.  March is also right around Easter so you can expect to start seeing deals for the holiday.



April is Daylight Savings Time and Easter.  Expect coupons and products on sale in relation to Easter and Earth day.  Batteries, smoke detectors, and other safety items will also be on sale due to daylight savings time.



May is the start of summer sales.  Expect items for BBQs, picnics, and the Memorial Day holiday to be on sale and lots of coupons for condiments, paper plates, napkins, etc.



June is National Dairy Month so expect sales on all dairy products.  This month continues the sales from May with BBQ items.  National Headache Awareness is during this month which makes it a great time to stock up on all pain relievers.  Allergy season will be in full swing by this month, so there should be sales on allergy and sinus medicine as well.



July marks the beginning of “back to school” sales.  Bookbags, pens, pencils, and other school items should be on sale.  This month also continues the BBQ sales for July 4th.



August continues the “back to school” sales and also starts promotions on breakfast and lunch foods for kids.  This month marks the end of summer, so expect clearances to start on patio equipment, sunscreen, and other summer products.



The “back to school” sale items will continue until Labor Day.  This month is Baby Safety Month, National Coupon Month, and Better Breakfast Month.  You can expect to start seeing sales and coupons for tomato products.  Be on the look out for Diabetes items and Baby items on sale.



This is my favorite month and my favorite holiday: Halloween!  Expect tons of deals on candy and you can start expecting to see baking products in the coupons.



November brings Thanksgiving and the beginning of the cold months.  Baking goods, cooking products, and Thanksgiving staples will be the majority of coupons.



December revolves around Christmas so expect deals and coupons on cold cut meats, crackers, soda, stuffing, and other dinner related products.  Fall decor should be on sale starting this month.  December also marks the beginning of winter, so you can expect to start seeing winter care products like cold medicines on sale and in coupons.


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