HOT coupons

Published January 24, 2012 by gweledydd

I found some great high dollar coupons on eBay today and had to share.

First, there is a great $0.50/1 12-pack dr. Pepper coupon. If you use this at kroger, it will double to $1.00. The super bowl is coming up soon, so I’d hold onto these until pepsi and dr. Pepper products go on sale 4/$11. They don’t expire until 2/29 and if you wait for the sale you can get 4 12-packs for as low as $7.00.

Second, there is a new purinaOne coupon out for $5.00 any size any flavor dry dog food. The small bags typically run around $6.50 at walmart. Coupled with this coupon, you can get a 3.5 lb bag of dog food for $1.50!! That makes this a GREAT stockpile item.

This past Sunday there was another buy 3 get 1 free whiskas tray coupon. These normally sell at walmart for $0.47 apiece. If you use the coupon, you can get 4 trays for $0.35 apiece! Our cats love these trays as the meat seems much fresher than in the cheaper tin cans. I will be stocking up on these again soon!

If you have any leftover &1.00/1 finish coupons, you should use them at rite aid this week. All finish products are bogo. The 10 pack finish quantum retails for $3.99 apiece. There is a $1.00 rite aid coupon tan you can use 1 (possibly two, but I’m not very familiar with rite aid’s coupon policy) $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons which will make them $0.99 apiece!!!! This is a FABULOUS deal as I can’t live without my finish now!

Kroger just sent out new $5/$25 purchase coupons, too. I got mine today, so be on the lookout if you normally get the send outs.


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