Kroger Deals 3/18 – 3/24

Published March 18, 2012 by gweledydd

This week’s deal is mostly the same from last week.  The March Mega Savings event is still going on, so be sure to stock up on your items before the sale ends on Saturday.  There is one new item on the ad, however, that has me excited silly: RAGU 10/$10!!!!  Dad 2 advised me last week that they were planning on having Ragu on sale soon, and I am glad it is sooner rather than later.  Although my hubby doesn’t like a lot of pasta, I am planning on incorporating more into our diet (just don’t tell him about it ;D).  There are still some coupons on eBay for Ragu, so make sure to get some if you already haven’t!



Buy 10 Ragu Sauce = $9.90

– $0.50/1 coupon (eBay)

= FREE!!!


Free is my favorite word, and on an item like this it makes me shiver with anticipation and excitement.  You can expect to see some pasta go on sale soon, too.  Barilla pasta is part of the mega event, so if you buy 10 Barilla pasta you can get them for $1.49 each.  Kroger pasta is also 10/$10, so if you don’t mind buying generic, you can get 10 boxes of pasta AND 10 jars of sauce for $10.00!!!  This means each item is only $0.50!  I recommend waiting until the pasta is free, but if you are in desperate need of some pasta this is still a good 2-3 month stock up price.


There are some great deals on produce this week, too.  If you are running low on fresh veggies, this is the week to buy!


You can view the whole ad here.


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