Finding Coupons Has Never Been Easier!

Published April 6, 2012 by gweledydd

I was looking around online about all of the fraud that was done on Extreme Couponing, and came across Nathan’s website  Nathan was one of the couponers on Extreme Couponing that donated all of his items to Packages from Home.  He is one of the few on there that have not committed coupon fraud, and I really like his personality.  The main feature of his website is one I have been wanting to find for a long time.  The best feature of it is theONLINE SEARCHABLE COUPON DATABASE.  Using this database, you can find when a coupon was put out and where it appeared.  If you organize your coupons by date instead of clipping them out individually, this makes finding your coupons a snatch!  This is going to reduce my coupon clipping time by at least an hour, and I am sure it will help you save time as well.  Check it out and add it to your coupon bookmarks!


WUC’s Coupon Database


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