Manager’s Special – Is It Worth It?

Published September 30, 2012 by gweledydd

Manager’s Specials have a bad rap.  Most people believe that Manager’s Specials are placed on items because they are about to expire or because there is something wrong with the product.  While it may be true that some items may be about to expire, the idea that the product is sub-par or defective is completely wrong.  Stores can’t sell spoiled merchandise.  Period.  Never feel afraid or ashamed of getting a manager’s special deal because the fact is these deals can help save you a ton of money!

First let’s talk about expiration dates.  While some products on Manager’s Special do have expiration dates, the majority of these products can be used past this date.  There are two different kinds of expiration dates:

Use By – This type of expiration date is cut and dry; do not use product after this date unless it has been frozen.

Best By – This type of expiration date is a general guideline.  You can use the product after the date, just keep in mind it may not be as effective (such as household cleaners) or tasty (like stale potato chips).  Most products have this type of expiration date.

One of the biggest budget-breakers on most peoples’ lists is meat.  Meat is very expensive, and usually there aren’t coupons on fresh meat available.  Manager’s Specials are a great way to combat the price.  As long as the meat doesn’t smell or look bad, you are good to go.  Some meat will have expiration dates on it.  Remember, most expiration dates are just a guideline..  If the expiration date is approaching, freeze it.  This will keep the product fresh for much longer than if you were to simply refrigerate it.

Manager’s Specials can also be combined with coupons for a super deal!!

Scenario: Kroger has ordered too many Suave products and needs to clear out the shelves before the new inventory arrives.  The Manager decides to place them on special for $0.75 each.  There is a coupon out for $0.35/1 Suave Product that will double.  The coupon CAN BE USED on the Manager’s Special products to make each item $0.05 each!!!

Keep in mind you can also use Catalina deals (ex: $10.00 off next purchase) to help reduce your grocery bill.  Manager’s Specials can also be combined with Catalinas.

Be sure to ask your local store manager what day markdowns are done.  Most Wal-Marts mark down their products on Sundays or Thursdays, and most Krogers mark down their products on Tuesdays.  Checking with your local store manager is the best way to ensure that you get there in time to find those great Manager’s Special deals!!


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