Saving on Prescription Eyewear

Published October 17, 2012 by gweledydd

Let’s face it: medical costs are on the rise and they aren’t going to get better any time soon.  Those who need prescription eyewear can spend upwards of $100.00 a year on contacts or glasses AFTER insurance deductibles.  Instead of going blind to save some change, consider these alternatives.

My personal favorite way to save money on eyewear is to purchase your glasses and contacts online. offers designer glasses, name brand contacts, and prescription lenses at an incredibly low cost.  On top of these savings, they run deals periodically for free glasses or contacts.  They also will participate with insurance companies to reimburse you for the cost!!!

Be sure to check out this HOT website and redeem their great deal for fall.  Receive a FREE pair of glasses with standard lenses until October 31, 2012 with the coupon code FBDEAL.  My husband got his glasses from them and they have held up great, were shipped fast, and the quality can’t be beat.  We spent $20.00 for shipping, thinner lenses, scratch proof coating, and the frames.  My glasses cost over $150.00 with those options at the optometrist!

If you’re like my husband and prefer contacts over glasses, then 1-800-CONTACTS is your new best friend.  This company has a ton of name brand lenses at an affordable price, participate with insurance, AND is a UPromise Partner which means you’ll get 5% back on every purchase you make!  If you haven’t signed up for UPromise yet, then check out my previous post to start saving.


If you have any other tips to help save money on prescription eyewear costs, please let me know!


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